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Explore Art.

Connect with your inner child.

Be Empowered.

Increase Productivity.

Lower Stress.

Life is filled with twists and turns...t
Be your best version

When you take a closer look at a painting, you see the details and the brushstrokes. But when you take a step back, it all blends into a beautiful work of art. My brushstrokes represent years of living in a toxic relationship, living on welfare, and not knowing if I could get out of bed after a whiplash injury. I spent each day wondering if my legs would give out from underneath me, and a decade of misdiagnosed immune deficiency.


 Finding my way to the canvas, I was able to use art as a healing therapy. Painting calmed my anxiety and gave me peace. For 5 years I have helped others with this healing through art.


In 2017 I started working with resident physicians on their Wellness initiatives and that was when my Emotional Wellness Workshops, The Color Theory Code, was born. As an intuitive abstract artist and an Emory trained Healthcoach, I empower children and adults to connect with their inner child, make a fun mess, and let go of their stress. Emotional Wellness. You do not have to be a Van Gogh to let go. You just need to bring your creativity, an open mind and I'll help you paint a masterpiece. Emotional Wellness, self-care, and laughter during trying times is priceless. 

Through my challenges I always found myself at my canvas painting. It was a way to deal with stress and anxiety. It was freeing to let the emotions, the pain flow through my body into the paintbrush onto the canvas and then breathe. 

My father is an artist and my experimenting with art began as a young child, throughout my teenage years into adulthood. I worked for my family’s art business when I was in college and at one time thought about getting a master’s degree in art therapy. I found that art was a creative outlet for unwinding and destressing.

The Color Theory Code   workshops consist of 4 different styles which could include color theory, meditation, mindfulness, and/or deconstructive art. 


It is important to set aside “YOU” time, there is only 1 of you, so take the time to take the best care of YOU. “Everyday is a learning experience, the moment you stop learning is the moment you stop living” DesignsbyTrena!


Feeling the pen on the paper helps with


"It was a fantastic experience, from beginning to end.  As someone who is NOT an artist, I was pleased (and amazed!) to see the final product.  In fact, I was completely surprised to see that I had painted it!  Trena did a great job of coaching us, and helping all of us non-artists take our time, be focused and feel confident in our work!  She made us feel sure about our potential, even though we were skeptics at the beginning!  She was extremely patient, and took the time to explain all of the steps very thoroughly.  Trena encouraged us, and gave us just the right amount of instructions and information, without letting us stress out about the final product.  She was great to work with, and I look forward to booking her soon to do a party for my friends.I would highly recommend her to anyone, regardless of their artistic experience. I’m glad I got her card. I will be contacting her for sure! Thanks for coordinating us, and for the wonderful mentoring experience.  It was an absolute pleasure." Jen in Lawrenceville (Mentoring Group)

"We had a BLAST!" Wanda from Snellville (40's Birthday Celebration)

"It was a great weekend! It was super fun!What a great time!" (Physician Wellness Retreat)

"Trena was excellent! She listened to my vision and expertly designed exactly what I wanted. It looks great and the experience of working with someone that is really good and takes care of the customer’s needs in a fast, professional manner is awesome! I highly recommend!" Brian C. in Nashville, TN. Logo Design

"Trena has been very helpful with easing my stress and teaching me how to change my self for a healthier me. All our appointments have been on time and I always felt better about myself and goals after our talks. I feel that I am in a better place in my life since I started talking with Trena." Beth M. Atlanta, GA, Health Coaching

"I wasn't sure what to expect from health coaching, but I sure am glad I did it! It put a lot of things into perspective for me personally and got me thinking the right way. Trena was amazing and helped me set smaller goals and then bigger ones. She was so supportive throughout the whole process. I am very thankful for the opportunity to work with Trena. I don't think I would be where I am at now emotionally without her guidance. I would recommend it highly to anyone going through a difficult period. She truly listens and helped me work out tips I still use everyday." Kim, Divorce Health Coaching

"Just had an amazing and enlightening conversation with Trena J Myers as recommended to me. I definitely value you Trena! She may have shaved YEARS of frustration and wasted efforts off of our mission. Incredible ideas. Thank you again!" Sean B, Nashville, TN, Creative Mindset Coaching

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